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Concorde Part One

Robert Maxim about Concorde Part One

I am lost for words. What a honour to be able to see such details on this supersonic aircraft.

I enjoyed the detailed external walk around with David and Roger. All that detail was so so interesting.

Must say the film crew did an outstanding job filming this beautiful aircraft.

Everything happens so fast on Concorde! But the crew did an outstanding job telling us about what they were doing and why.

So informative.

Part two coming up for me.

Trouble free streaming over wifi on my android tablet. I also watched part of it on my main windows computer.

Brilliant work ITVV

Concorde Part One

Andrew Simms about Concorde Part One

Simply amazing.

Concorde is just so Royal, majestic even.

The crew did a great job in showing us viewers around Concorde. Was great to have a Concorde all to ourselves outside the hanger.

Love our trip to New York. So much information to take in but absolutely fascinating.

I'm off to watch part two right now.

Cheers Andy
Boeing 777-200

Lucas Betts about Boeing 777-200

This B777-200 Streaming is Stunning.

I have never seen such a large aircraft do a low level fly past, plus you get to see a go around internal and external.

Great filming and the Captain was really in-depth about the Systems.

This is the first time I have done streaming and it was very straightforward and quick.

Another first for team ITVV


Boeing 777-200

Owen Bench about Boeing 777-200

What a delightful programme this is.

It is so informative and interesting.

I thought the filming of the fly-past, go-around and approach was first rate.

Captain Thomson was a first class presenter who clearly enjoys flying the B777

Off to look for another programme to stream.

Boeing 777-200

Julian Welch about Boeing 777-200

This is a really impressive programme - 10/10

Thought the arrival into Auckland was out of this world. To see an airliner of this size do an approach in the landing config, do a go around and then a low level fly past was breath taking. Fantastic footage.

I also really enjoyed the details in the simulator. So much information to take in.

Thanks for the new streaming service ITVV

Boeing 747-200

Trevor Phillips about Boeing 747-200

Enjoying the streaming service.

Love this "Classic" airliner.

The guys really show how CRM works in a "live" cockpit.

Great to see the Flight Engineer in action.

All the crew did an amazing job showing us around

No issues with streaming even over 4G on the bus!

Boeing 747-200

Barbra Cowling about Boeing 747-200

The mighty Boeing 747-200 is a true classic aircraft.

Really enjoyed this look at this beautiful aircraft.

Very informative. Well done to everyone

Will be watching more
Boeing 747-200

Nigel Wilkinson about Boeing 747-200

Loved it.

Will be streaming more
Airbus A320 Sim

Melvin Neeves about Airbus A320 Sim

Captain Alan is the best.

Had the A320 Sim on DVD but leant it to someone and never got it back.

I had forgotten just how good Alan Dix is - he is just so funny!

This programme is ACE.

Airbus A320 Sim

Martin Chessing about Airbus A320 Sim

Brilliant to see how pilots train for emergencies.

Alan is fantastic at explaining in an easy to understand way the complexities involved in flying the A320

Will be watching more products now that they are streaming.
Airbus A320 Sim

Ben Wilson about Airbus A320 Sim

ITVV is the way to go.

The A320 Simulator programme with Captain Alan Dix is so interesting.

Alan covers some great topics. He also makes me laugh - a lot...

Great work ITVV
Boeing 767-300ER

Mike Scott about Boeing 767-300ER

New to the ITVV Flightdeck programmes.

Think is brilliant to be able to watch these programmes on my Laptop. Was easy to buy the programmes I wanted to watch.

Enjoyed this programme. Very interesting about the "nat Tracks". Captain Dave explained it so well.

The B767-300ER is such a cool looking aircraft.

Will be watching more.

Boeing 767-300ER

Nick Newton-Brown about Boeing 767-300ER

Great quality and seamless playback.

Just what an enthusiast needs!
Boeing 767-300ER

Danny Greenway about Boeing 767-300ER

Excellent programme.

Looked great on my IPad. Also watched it again on my Apple Mac computer.

Thanks ITVV

Boeing 747-400 CPA

Amy Molson about Boeing 747-400 CPA

I am a huge fan of the B747-400. I have loved the Jumbo since a very young age.

I have the Cathay 747 on DVD but got rid of my DVD player a couple of years ago.

When I got the email about the Instant Sreaming service I thought I'd give it a go.

Brilliant is all I can say. I got to watch the video again at a discounted price because I already own the original DVD.

I enjoyed watching it again on my iPad. Was so quick and easy to access.

Captain Don Grange is simply superb explaining what the B747-400 is all about.

I really enjoy the simulator part which shows Coffin Corner. The power from those RB211 engines is amazing.

Thanks ITVV for bringing us a new, simpler way of watching your great programmes.

Amy Molson
Boeing 747-400 CPA

Pat Helm about Boeing 747-400 CPA

Enjoyed watch the Cathay Boeing 747-400 - Queen of the Skys.

I had heard of this programme on DVD but I do not have a DVD player. This was the answer.

I watched it four times in ine day - amazing.

Will be watching more streaming programmes of yours.
Boeing 747-400 CPA

Ian Fletcher about Boeing 747-400 CPA

Fab. No issues streaming it on my android mobile.

Going to watch the Virgin B747-400 now

Boeing 747-400 CPA

Billy G about Boeing 747-400 CPA

Kai Tak - wow.

All great - congrats to flight deck and filming crew
Airbus A320-200

Ian Night about Airbus A320-200 This customer purchased the item at our site.

Love the new Instant Streaming.

I have been meaning to watch the A320 and decided to give the streaming a go. Wow, it was great to watch this programme on the train back to work. Plays with no issues on WiFi.

Alan Dix really explained all the systems in an easy to understand way. He also has a twinkle in his eye.

I am going to watch it again as there is so much to take in.

Well done ITVV on bringing this service to customers.

All the best
Airbus A320-200

Simon Whitting about Airbus A320-200 This customer purchased the item at our site.

I already owned the Airbus A320 DVD but hadn't watch it in a long time. So I decided to re-watch it on the streaming service.

The streaming image quality is excellent. To me the colours look more vivid than I recall on the DVD!

Captain Alan Dix is a master at presenting this programme. He is just so "watchable". He has a great personality which really comes over.

I shall be rewatching this programme again - I had forgotten how great it is.


A320-200 - NTSC

Michael Holmes about A320-200 - NTSC This customer purchased the item at our site.

Another brilliant movie from ITVV, I will buy more of their movies!
A320-200 - DVD PAL

Michael Holmes about A320-200 - DVD PAL This customer purchased the item at our site.

Another brilliant movie from ITVV, I will buy more of their movies!
A320-200 - PAL

Michael Holmes about A320-200 - PAL This customer purchased the item at our site.

Another brilliant movie from ITVV, I will buy more of their movies!
A320-200 - DVD PAL

Alex about A320-200 - DVD PAL This customer purchased the item at our site.

This was my first programme from ITVV.

A320-200 - DVD PAL

Richard Freeman about A320-200 - DVD PAL This customer purchased the item at our site.

Just finished watching the DVD.

This is a very nice program indeed.

This is a great introduction to the A320.

I look forward to watching more ITVV DVDs soon.
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