Boeing 747-400 CPA

Manufacturer: Boeing
Manufacturer Boeing

USD $ 6.49

Format Instant Streaming - Video on Demand
Rental Period 3 Days from First Play
Stream Running Time 60 Minutes
Presenters Captain Don Grange
Route London Heathrow > Hong Kong Kai Tak
Language English
Certificate Exempt Work
Copyright For Private Domestic Use Only
Airline Cathay Pacific Airways
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ITVV - Boeing 747-400

Join Cathay Pacific Airways on a flight from London Heathrow into one of the world's most demanding and exciting landings - Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport.

  • 60 minute Stream
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • London Heathrow > Hong Kong Kai Tak
  • Kai Tak Checkerboard Approach
  • Captain Don Grange guides you through the systems and procedures

Your pilot's eye view will give you an insight into the worlds most popular and well-known civil aircraft - the mighty Boeing Jumbo Jet.

During the programme we position you on the flightdeck for the departure from London on flight CX250. You will see the take-off first hand alongside the Captain and First Officer.

In the cruise we take you to the Cathay 747-400 simulator in Hong Kong. This multi-million dollar simulator is used to show you some incredible facets about the -400 that would not be possible on a scheduled flight.

Demonstrations include a full take-off from 09R at Heathrow, from engine start-up (including a hot engine start), high and low speed stalling with dramatic effect, engine fires, plus much more. You'll receive full explanations of what is happening along with views of systems such as the PFD (Primary Flight Display).

Then we go back to flight CX250 for the landing into Kai Tak. Our multi-camera shoot of one of the world's most demanding landings is something to treasure forever. As educational as it is exciting this programme is a unique way to experience airliner travel!

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4 Most Recent Customer Reviews

Amy Molson

I am a huge fan of the B747-400. I have loved the Jumbo since a very young age.

I have the Cathay 747 on DVD but got rid of my DVD player a couple of years ago.

When I got the email about the Instant Sreaming service I thought I'd give it a go.

Brilliant is all I can say. I got to watch the video again at a discounted price because I already own the original DVD.

I enjoyed watching it again on my iPad. Was so quick and easy to access.

Captain Don Grange is simply superb explaining what the B747-400 is all about.

I really enjoy the simulator part which shows Coffin Corner. The power from those RB211 engines is amazing.

Thanks ITVV for bringing us a new, simpler way of watching your great programmes.

Amy Molson

Pat Helm

Enjoyed watch the Cathay Boeing 747-400 - Queen of the Skys.

I had heard of this programme on DVD but I do not have a DVD player. This was the answer.

I watched it four times in ine day - amazing.

Will be watching more streaming programmes of yours.

Ian Fletcher

Fab. No issues streaming it on my android mobile.

Going to watch the Virgin B747-400 now


Billy G

Kai Tak - wow.

All great - congrats to flight deck and filming crew