Boeing 767-300ER

Manufacturer: Boeing
Manufacturer Boeing

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Format Instant Streaming - Video on Demand
Rental Period 3 Days from First Play
Stream Running Time 83 Minutes
Presenters Captain David Henry
Senior First Office Norman Port
Route London Gatwick > Orlando, Florida
Language English
Certificate Exempt Work
Copyright For Private Domestic Use Only
Airline Leisure International Airways
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ITVV - Boeing 767-300ER

Captain David Henry, director of flight operations for Leisure International Airways, invites you to join him and First Officer Norman Port on a memorable flight on-board this Boeing 767-300ER aircraft.

  • 83 minute Stream
  • Leisure International Airways
  • London Gatwick > Orlando, Florida, USA
  • 4 Different Camera Views
  • Captain David Henry takes you over The Atlantic

Our journey begins at London Gatwick airport and takes us to Orlando in the United States of America. En-route David and Norman will show you the systems and operating procedures on this Extended Range airliner.

During the Atlantic crossing you will learn in detail about the North Atlantic Track and we also discuss, in depth, the topic of ETOPS (Extended Twin Range Operations) and the implications of flying a twin engine aircraft over the Atlantic.

In addition to seeing and hearing all key aspects of the flight and aircraft operation from the aircrew's perspective, this multi camera shoot programme you will see and hear the full briefing for the take-off from London Gatwick, along with details of the procedures needed in the event of an emergency, together with descent and arrival into Orlando International Airport are also discussed in detail.

A relatively new system on the aircraft, TCAS (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System) is shown and explained. This system can detect and monitor other civil aircraft in its flight path and is now mandatory in the USA.

This programme was filmed using 4 cameras to give you an unparalleled view of both take-off and landing. We also show you the aircraft being loaded with cargo and baggage along with the fuel required for this transatlantic flight.

Whatever your interest in airliners and aviation, this is a truly educational programme for all to enjoy.

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Mike Scott

New to the ITVV Flightdeck programmes.

Think is brilliant to be able to watch these programmes on my Laptop. Was easy to buy the programmes I wanted to watch.

Enjoyed this programme. Very interesting about the "nat Tracks". Captain Dave explained it so well.

The B767-300ER is such a cool looking aircraft.

Will be watching more.


Nick Newton-Brown

Great quality and seamless playback.

Just what an enthusiast needs!

Danny Greenway

Excellent programme.

Looked great on my IPad. Also watched it again on my Apple Mac computer.

Thanks ITVV