Boeing 747-400 CPA

Boeing 747-400 CPA

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Billy G

Kai Tak - wow.

All great - congrats to flight deck and filming crew

Ian Fletcher

Fab. No issues streaming it on my android mobile.

Going to watch the Virgin B747-400 now


Pat Helm

Enjoyed watch the Cathay Boeing 747-400 - Queen of the Skys.

I had heard of this programme on DVD but I do not have a DVD player. This was the answer.

I watched it four times in ine day - amazing.

Will be watching more streaming programmes of yours.

Amy Molson

I am a huge fan of the B747-400. I have loved the Jumbo since a very young age.

I have the Cathay 747 on DVD but got rid of my DVD player a couple of years ago.

When I got the email about the Instant Sreaming service I thought I'd give it a go.

Brilliant is all I can say. I got to watch the video again at a discounted price because I already own the original DVD.

I enjoyed watching it again on my iPad. Was so quick and easy to access.

Captain Don Grange is simply superb explaining what the B747-400 is all about.

I really enjoy the simulator part which shows Coffin Corner. The power from those RB211 engines is amazing.

Thanks ITVV for bringing us a new, simpler way of watching your great programmes.

Amy Molson