BAe 146-200

Manufacturer: BAe Systems
Manufacturer BAe Systems

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Format Instant Streaming - Video on Demand
Rental Period 3 Days from First Play
Stream Running Time 107 Minutes
Presenters Captain Nicholas Stein
First Officer Kevin Long
Route London Luton > Rome Ciampino > London Luton
Language English
Certificate Exempt Work
Copyright For Private Domestic Use Only
Airline DebonAir Airways
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ITVV - BAe 146-200

An amazing insight into the British Aerospace 146 ‘Whisper Jet’. Join the crew on the flight deck for a round trip from London Luton to Rome Ciampino.

  • 107 minute Stream
  • DebonAir Airways
  • London Luton > Rome Ciampino > London Luton
  • Filmed using a total of 6 cameras
  • Platinum Collection

Learn about the systems and procedures required to fly the aircraft, then take in a spectacular view of the French Alps on your approach into Ciampino airport.

You join Captain Nicholas Stein and First Officer Kevin Long at London Luton for a round trip to Rome Ciampino airport in Italy. We depart from Luton runway 26, on a Compton SID for our journey with Nick as Pilot Flying.

Once in the cruise Nick takes time to give you a detailed tour of the flightdeck and gives you many details about the systems and operational requirements of the 146, including the MWS (Master Warning System) with a demonstration of how the system works. Nick also takes you through the flight control systems and engines. En-route we are treated to a spectacular view of the French Alps before then making an approach to Rome Ciampino using runway 15.

On the return leg Kevin is Pilot Flying as we take-off on runway 15. Once in the cruise again Nick takes you through more systems including the TMS (Thrust Management System) and Kevin takes you around his instrumentation. Nick also gives you a fascinating insight into becoming an airline pilot.

We then start our descent back to Luton for an approach to runway 26. Throughout the flight you’ll hear Air Traffic Control for our flights and follow the checklists and procedures as you discover the 146 in a unique television experience.

Platinum Collection

Digital Stereo Audio - Experience stereo audio of the highest quality. All the audio for the Platinum Collection programmes is recorded using the latest digital audio recorders to bring you crystal clear audio enjoyment.

Digital Video - The Platinum Collection range of programmes are all shot on digital video tape to ensure the highest quality pictures available. ITVV have always been at the forefront of modern technology to bring you the very best in quality aviation viewing.

Digital Editing - The Platinum Collection are all edited "in-house" using ITVV's own digital edit facilities, like-minded aviation enthusiasts and professionals which brings the added advantage of been able to take time to ensure you get to see what is of real interest and on DVD jump right to the part you want instantly!

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Air Traffic Control - Listen into the air traffic control at the most important phases of our flights - again using digital audio you can hear the actual audio that the pilots themselves hear.

Join the flightdeck crew - By bringing you this wide variety of pictures along with stereo audio you will feel as though you are actually a part of the flightdeck crew! Witness the tension as the aircraft is rolling down the runway or on the approach into land.

5 Stars 
 3 reviews

3 Most Recent Customer Reviews

Bryan Stello

Great viewing and very interesting.

I was really interested by the TMS system. Nick Stein did a great job in telling the viewers all about the 146.

Kevin also did a great job explaining his instrumentation.

This was my first streaming experience on my iPhone and it did not disappoint.

Will be watching more.

Colin W

I loved this programme. So much information presented in such a professional manner by the crew.

The multi camera views are first class. The production quality is also first class

Streaming is such an easy way to watch your favorite flightdeck programme.

As usual outstanding work by ITVV


Joel Thomas

To me the BAe 146 is such a stunning aircraft.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of streaming this fascinating programme.

Captain Nick and First Officer Kevin are brilliant on camera. They give you such a great tour of the flightdeck.

Thank you Nick, Kevin and ITVV for a really interesting programme.