Boeing 757-200

Manufacturer: Boeing
Manufacturer Boeing

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Format Instant Streaming - Video on Demand
Rental Period 7 Days from First Play
Stream Running Time 76 Minutes
Presenters Captain Rex Taylor
Route Manchester International Airport (EGCC) > Dalaman (LTBS)
Language English
Certificate Exempt Work
Copyright For Private Domestic Use Only
Airline Airtours International Airways
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ITVV - Boeing 757-200

This documentary-style programme will give you a privileged flightdeck perspective of flying an airliner. Join the flight crew in the high-tech cockpit of a Boeing 757 and learn about the cockpit and instruments on this fascinating aircraft

  • 76 minute Stream
  • Airtours International Airways
  • Manchester > Dalaman (LTBS) in Southern Turkey

Whether you're a budding airline pilot or back seat passenger curious to know what goes on during the flight, this is an amazing and unique airliner experience that is not to be missed!

You will join Captain Rex Taylor aboard this Airtours International Boeing 757-200 for a trip to Dalaman (LTBS) in Southern Turkey. The trip starts at Manchester International airport (EGCC) where Rex will invite you on to the flightdeck of the aircraft, call-sign Tourjet 179P.

Once onboard, follow the cockpit briefing, watch engine start-up and observe the many procedures necessary to get the aircraft safely into the air.

You will witness both the take-off and landing from the jump seat, and once in the cruise you will also be given a full guided tour of the cockpit instrumentation including the EADI (Electronic Attitude Director Indicator), EHSI (Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator), EICAS (Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System). Rex will also show you how the EICAS system works, including the alert, caution and warning operations.

In addition to the guided tour of the "office" you'll hear the Air Traffic Control for our flight and follow the checklists as we give you the opportunity to explore this fascinating aircraft with an experienced Captain.

This programme was filmed using four cameras to give you an unparalleled view of take-off and landing, including external shots.

About Captain Rex Taylor
Captain Rex Taylor joined Airtours International as a Training Captain on the MD-83 when the airline commenced operations in 1991. Rex transferred to the B767 and B757 when they were introduced to the company in 1994.

On leaving school at 16, Rex joined Smiths Industries Aviation division as a Mechanical engineering apprentice. After completing his apprenticeship and a Mechanical Engineering Degree, Rex was sponsored by British Airways to learn to fly at Oxford Air Training School.

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Alex Rodgers

Such an interesting programme.

Rex was so relaxed when he was showing us the EADI, EHSI and EICAS systems. Really helped me understand these systems.

I have just ordered a B757 add-on for my flight sim and will watch this programme again to see if I can simulate the journey.

Thanks to Rex and ITVV.

Watched this on my Chromebook without any issues.



You can tell that Rex is a training Captain by the way he describes the systems on this B757-200.

I also enjoyed the before flight briefing - so much detail.

This is my first streaming programme from ITVV and I have to say I really enjoyed it very much.

I am now off to watch the B777-200. As you can probably tell I'm a Boeing type of guy.

Thanks for the great filming


Paul Wrightson

The streaming works great. Watched on my IPad and had no issues.

Really enjoyed the 757 - Rex did a great job.

Would recommend this to everyone who is interested in aviation