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Concorde Part One

Forkmax about Concorde Part One

Worth buying this and the part 2 video. If you're a Concorde enthusiast this is definitely a must buy!
Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

Steve Fleming about Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

The Queen of the Skies lives on.

So sad that most passenger B747-400 have been retired now.

This programme really gives you an insight into how to operate this mighty Jumbo.

I thought that it was fantastic that all three flight crew got a chance to explaine the systems. But I must say a BIG THANKS to Captain Alan Carter. He clearly loves flying the B744. He has immense knowledge on the safe operations of massive airliner.

Video, audio and editing are outstanding. I have nothing but praise for everyone involved in the making of this programme.

Will watch this again in the future because there is so much to learn.

Amazing job

Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

Owen Scott about Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

Right from the off Captain Carter makes you welcome.

His briefing about our flight was so in-depth - a lot to take-in but it makes the point about doing your homework before flying the plane. It's all in the planning.

The multiple cameras really add to the enjoyable viewing experience. The split screens used for the take-off and landing gives you a sense of "being there" with the crew.

So much to see and learn in this near three hour programme.

Production is first class.

I will be watching this one again along with other ITVV programmes.

Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

Ivor Williams about Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

This is a great value for money stream.

Brilliant and engaging programme from start to finish.

The crew worked really hard to get as much information as was possible into this outstanding production on the Boeing 747-400

As always ITVV leads the way.


Fokker 100

Tyler Martin about Fokker 100

A very interesting programme on a very interesting aircraft.

I have flown on the Fokker 70 but never the -100.

The crew did a great job explaining how to fly the Fokker 100.

The split screen / multi camera views for take-offs and landings are brilliant.

This is my first ITVV stream but I am now hooked.

Thank you to all involved in this first class production.

Fokker 100

Nick McGregor about Fokker 100

I loved the external shot of the aircraft in the landing configuration.

Enjoyable programme with great performances from the flightdeck crew.

I started watching this on my laptop and finished it on my IPAD - the wonders of technology

Will be watching this again and other ITVV streams

Airbus A330-200

Lylah Watson about Airbus A330-200

To me the Airbus A330 is a perfect plane.

I enjoyed this programme very much from start to finish.

Captain Bond (not James - lol) is a great communicator, a natural.

I enjoyed all the information on each aircraft system.

Video and sound quality was amazing. I had no problems watching this streaming on my iPad.

Highly recommend this programme.

Many thanks to all that helped make this happen.

Off to watch another great ITVV stream

Airbus A330-200

Louise Kerr about Airbus A330-200

I have the DVD but no DVD player anymore. So I thought I would watch it again on my iphone whilst travelling.

I love this aircraft and Captain Julian. I find the airbus systems so interesting, there is so much information presented.

I would have loved to have been a pilot but that was not to be. However these programmes are the next best thing.

Thanks ITVV

Airbus A330-200

Warren Aitken about Airbus A330-200

ITVV are the best - that's all.

Adam Reid about MD-11

This is an amazing product.

Like some other people who reviewed the DVD I have to say that both the Captain and First Officer spoke perfect english. No problem understanding them at all.

The depth of information from Captain Bakker and Senior First Officer Lenz was out of this world.

There is so much to take in about this great aircraft.

It's truly entertaining and informative - a real credit to the crew.

As you can probably tell I think this is one of the best in the series.

Thank you Ruud and Robert - job well done


Bradley Wainwrite about MD-11

Loved it.

Streaming worked all OK.

This is a 10/10 from me


Tom McKenzie about MD-11

Amazing programme that kept me glued to my tablet.

I was half way through watch this and my internet went down so I switch to 4G with no issues whatsoever - amazing!

This is a programme I will be watching again.

Thanks guys

Boeing 737-300

Claire Sykes about Boeing 737-300

This is my first streaming programme from ITVV. All I can say is that it won't be my last - far from it.

I so enjoyed this programme. Captain John is so friendly and interesting. He has such a great, calm, reassuring way when he is explaining the flightdeck systems.

It was great to be on the jump seat for our return flight. I never knew that so much detail went into the briefings.

A pleasure to take a flight on a brand new B737 - I bet it had that new smell as well!

Thanks you to the crew and ITVV for an outstanding programme.

Boeing 737-300

Jake Williams about Boeing 737-300

Loved this B737-300 stream.

Packed full of info.

Captain Mahon and SFO Wholihan were first rate.

Going to watch the Concorde programmes next

Boeing 737-300

Alice Stephenson about Boeing 737-300

Brilliant programme. The Boeing 737 is my favorite aircraft.

The flighdeck crew did a great job in telling us all about the systems and procedures they use.

Thanks to team ITVV for an A1 production
BAe 146-200

Bryan Stello about BAe 146-200

Great viewing and very interesting.

I was really interested by the TMS system. Nick Stein did a great job in telling the viewers all about the 146.

Kevin also did a great job explaining his instrumentation.

This was my first streaming experience on my iPhone and it did not disappoint.

Will be watching more.
BAe 146-200

Colin W about BAe 146-200

I loved this programme. So much information presented in such a professional manner by the crew.

The multi camera views are first class. The production quality is also first class

Streaming is such an easy way to watch your favorite flightdeck programme.

As usual outstanding work by ITVV

BAe 146-200

Joel Thomas about BAe 146-200

To me the BAe 146 is such a stunning aircraft.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of streaming this fascinating programme.

Captain Nick and First Officer Kevin are brilliant on camera. They give you such a great tour of the flightdeck.

Thank you Nick, Kevin and ITVV for a really interesting programme.

Boeing 757-200

Alex Rodgers about Boeing 757-200

Such an interesting programme.

Rex was so relaxed when he was showing us the EADI, EHSI and EICAS systems. Really helped me understand these systems.

I have just ordered a B757 add-on for my flight sim and will watch this programme again to see if I can simulate the journey.

Thanks to Rex and ITVV.

Watched this on my Chromebook without any issues.

Boeing 757-200

Ian about Boeing 757-200

You can tell that Rex is a training Captain by the way he describes the systems on this B757-200.

I also enjoyed the before flight briefing - so much detail.

This is my first streaming programme from ITVV and I have to say I really enjoyed it very much.

I am now off to watch the B777-200. As you can probably tell I'm a Boeing type of guy.

Thanks for the great filming

Boeing 757-200

Paul Wrightson about Boeing 757-200

The streaming works great. Watched on my IPad and had no issues.

Really enjoyed the 757 - Rex did a great job.

Would recommend this to everyone who is interested in aviation

Concorde Part Two

Layla Miller about Concorde Part Two

I had the original Concorde Videos way back. So when ITVV annouced that we could now stream them I knew it was time to revisit an old friend.

Concorde is my "eye candy" of an aircraft. So elligent, powerful and stunning.

David and Roger are simply brilliant. They make understanding Concorde so straught forward. Not forgetting Les who minds the shop so to speak.

I have lost count of how many times I have watched this programme now but I never tire of watching it.

ITVV have clearly put some work into digitally enhancing this programme as the quality is amazing.

Part one is a must watch as well. You even get the chance to be close and personal outside the hanger with G-BOAF


Concorde Part Two

Justin about Concorde Part Two





Thanks to ITVV and the Crew

Concorde Part Two

Brandon Connor about Concorde Part Two

After Concorde Part One I thought that we would not learn much in Part Two - how wrong I was.

Roger and Dave really go to town on the information front.

There is so much to this aircraft. But it's great entertainment getting to know Concorde - what a truly beautiful airliner she really is.

The presentation by the crew on both Part One and Part Two is simply outstanding.

I loved seeing us reach Mach II - I felt I was with the crew on the jump seat.

Thanks ITVV for an outstanding programme.

The streaming service simply works without a hitch - brilliant.
Concorde Part One

Ryan O'Brian about Concorde Part One

Just WOW.

To be shown around the outside of Concorde and have it explained to you is amazing.

Roger even opens up the engine cover so we can see the engine - wow, wow, wow.

Captain Rowland is a natural - so very polished. He takes his time and explains everything in his relaxed manner.

I have watch part one three times today - I am loving it.

I am a new customer to ITVV having read a lot about there programmes - I now know what people rave about.

Will be watching part two tomorrow.

You all need to watch this Concorde docu

Thanks ITVV
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