Boeing 757-200

Boeing 757-200

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Alex Rodgers

Such an interesting programme.

Rex was so relaxed when he was showing us the EADI, EHSI and EICAS systems. Really helped me understand these systems.

I have just ordered a B757 add-on for my flight sim and will watch this programme again to see if I can simulate the journey.

Thanks to Rex and ITVV.

Watched this on my Chromebook without any issues.



You can tell that Rex is a training Captain by the way he describes the systems on this B757-200.

I also enjoyed the before flight briefing - so much detail.

This is my first streaming programme from ITVV and I have to say I really enjoyed it very much.

I am now off to watch the B777-200. As you can probably tell I'm a Boeing type of guy.

Thanks for the great filming


Paul Wrightson

The streaming works great. Watched on my IPad and had no issues.

Really enjoyed the 757 - Rex did a great job.

Would recommend this to everyone who is interested in aviation