Airbus A320-200 16:9

Manufacturer: Airbus
Manufacturer Airbus

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Format Instant Streaming
Rental Period 3 Days from First Play
Screen Format 720P - 1280 x 720
Aspect Ratio 16:9 - Widescreen
Stream Running Time 83 Minutes
Chapter Points 58
Spoken Language English
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Airbus A320-200 - Digitally Remastered to Widescreen (16:9)
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Join us now on the A320-200 Flight Deck for an informative and entertaining round trip

Captain Alan Dix, Chief Pilot of Inter European Airways, invites you to join him and his crew on the flight deck for an unparalleled insight into how this modern airliner is operated and flown on a regular flight across Europe.

  • 83 minute Stream
  • Inter European Airways
  • Birmingham > Zakynthos > Birmingham
  • Enter the world of Fly-By-Wire
  • Captain Alan Dix takes you through the systems and procedures

The programme was filmed using 4 cameras to give you an unparalleled view of take-offs and landings, including external shots, during the round trip from the UK to Greece.

In addition to seeing and hearing all key aspects of the flight and aircraft operation from the aircrew's perspective, this multi camera shoot programme you will see and hear the full briefing for the take-off from Birmingham, along with checklists, ATC clearance, procedures needed in the event of an emergency, together with descent and arrival into Zakynthos.

Alan takes time during the flight to give you details of how the aircraft is operated and flown. Amongst the many systems discussed are: Fly-by-wire, ECAM (Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring), EFIS (Electronic Flight Instruments System), PFD (Primary Flight Display), how to program and understand the FMGS (Flight Management and Guidance System), Meteorology, Weather Maps, Navigation, Electrics, Hydraulics, Fuel Systems, aircraft performance and many more subjects.

Whatever your interest in airliners and aviation, this is a truly educational programme for all to enjoy.

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