Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

Boeing 747-400 (VIR)

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Steve Fleming

The Queen of the Skies lives on.

So sad that most passenger B747-400 have been retired now.

This programme really gives you an insight into how to operate this mighty Jumbo.

I thought that it was fantastic that all three flight crew got a chance to explaine the systems. But I must say a BIG THANKS to Captain Alan Carter. He clearly loves flying the B744. He has immense knowledge on the safe operations of massive airliner.

Video, audio and editing are outstanding. I have nothing but praise for everyone involved in the making of this programme.

Will watch this again in the future because there is so much to learn.

Amazing job


Owen Scott

Right from the off Captain Carter makes you welcome.

His briefing about our flight was so in-depth - a lot to take-in but it makes the point about doing your homework before flying the plane. It's all in the planning.

The multiple cameras really add to the enjoyable viewing experience. The split screens used for the take-off and landing gives you a sense of "being there" with the crew.

So much to see and learn in this near three hour programme.

Production is first class.

I will be watching this one again along with other ITVV programmes.


Ivor Williams

This is a great value for money stream.

Brilliant and engaging programme from start to finish.

The crew worked really hard to get as much information as was possible into this outstanding production on the Boeing 747-400

As always ITVV leads the way.