Boeing 737-300

Boeing 737-300

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Alice Stephenson

Brilliant programme. The Boeing 737 is my favorite aircraft.

The flighdeck crew did a great job in telling us all about the systems and procedures they use.

Thanks to team ITVV for an A1 production

Jake Williams

Loved this B737-300 stream.

Packed full of info.

Captain Mahon and SFO Wholihan were first rate.

Going to watch the Concorde programmes next


Claire Sykes

This is my first streaming programme from ITVV. All I can say is that it won't be my last - far from it.

I so enjoyed this programme. Captain John is so friendly and interesting. He has such a great, calm, reassuring way when he is explaining the flightdeck systems.

It was great to be on the jump seat for our return flight. I never knew that so much detail went into the briefings.

A pleasure to take a flight on a brand new B737 - I bet it had that new smell as well!

Thanks you to the crew and ITVV for an outstanding programme.