Boeing 777-200

Boeing 777-200

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Julian Welch

This is a really impressive programme - 10/10

Thought the arrival into Auckland was out of this world. To see an airliner of this size do an approach in the landing config, do a go around and then a low level fly past was breath taking. Fantastic footage.

I also really enjoyed the details in the simulator. So much information to take in.

Thanks for the new streaming service ITVV


Owen Bench

What a delightful programme this is.

It is so informative and interesting.

I thought the filming of the fly-past, go-around and approach was first rate.

Captain Thomson was a first class presenter who clearly enjoys flying the B777

Off to look for another programme to stream.


Lucas Betts

This B777-200 Streaming is Stunning.

I have never seen such a large aircraft do a low level fly past, plus you get to see a go around internal and external.

Great filming and the Captain was really in-depth about the Systems.

This is the first time I have done streaming and it was very straightforward and quick.

Another first for team ITVV