Fokker 100 - PAL

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Manufacturer Fokker

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In this detailed look at the Fokker 100 you join the Chief Pilot (Fokker fleet), Captain Ian Lawrie and First Officer Euan McLean.

  • 167 minute DVD British Midland
  • East Midlands - Nice, Cote D'Azor -East Midlands
  • Pre-flight preparations
  • Manual landing into Nice using runway 04L

Your journey begins at East Midlands International Airport (EGNX), in the crew dispatch office for pre-flight preparations where Ian and Euan begin with a detailed briefing for the flight.

Next we join Ian at our aircraft (G-BXWE) for a guided tour of the externals of the aircraft. We then move on to the flightdeck for the round trip to Nice Cote D'Azur Airport (LFMN) in Southern France. We depart EGNX using runway 27 and during our outbound sector (BD289) Ian is Pilot Flying and gives you lots of information regarding the aircraft, systems and operation.

Follow the manual landing into Nice using runway 04L.

On our return sector (BD290) Euan is Pilot Flying for a zero flap take-off from LFMN runway 04R. Ian describes in detail the Navigation Log and fuel calculations and Euan takes you through the overhead panel in detail. We'll then settle into the descent for a Cat IIIa Autoland into East Midlands runway 27. During the flight you will not only see just how the aircraft is flown but will be able to follow Air Traffic Control, see the briefings and the checklists and procedures carried out in the cockpit on a scheduled airline flight.

About Captain Ian Lawrie
Captain Ian Lawrie commenced flying lessons aged 16, completing his first solo flight on his 17th birthday. In order to advance his flying hours and total experience, Ian spent some time in Vancouver, Canada prior to training to become a flying instructor on his return to the UK. Ian worked at a flying school specifically involved in ATC Flying Scholarship contracts in addition to instructor training.

Upon completion and issue of his professional licence, Ian moved into general aviation charter flying before joining British Midland as a First Officer in 1986 on the Shorts 360. The DC-9 series 15 & 32 followed with his first Command being attained after type conversion on the BAe ATP.

1990 brought a return to instructional flying with appointment as a Line Training Captain with subsequent qualification as Type and Instrument Rating Examiner following in 1991 (aircraft and simulator). During 1993 British Midland ceased operations of the BAe ATP. Orders for a mixed fleet of Fokker 70 and 100 followed and Ian joined the team that introduced this new type into the company.

The Fokker 100 aircraft entered British Midland service in 1994. Since then Ian has been involved in all aspects of Company pilot training, later being appointed to the post of Technical Pilot, which included Certificate of Airworthiness flight testing. Appointment to current position of Chief Pilot (Fokker fleet) was in 1997. This role combines office/management duties with continued involvement in flying training in addition to responsibility for pilot recruitment.

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Graham Sturgeon This customer purchased the item at our site.

An absolutely excellent programme and a real inspiration to anyone wanting to pursue a career in aviation.

If you have watched the Go B737 then this is a must too.

Captain Lawrie explains virtually everything on the flight Deck and rounds off the flight with an auto-land back into East Midlands

Arturo Guerrero This customer purchased the item at our site.


I just want to say that yours are the best.

In this programme the CAPT. and FO. Explains everything really clear.

I have 7 programmes and all are really nice and well explained, so far I've been able to understand them.


Vlad This customer purchased the item at our site.

Kudos to Captain Lawrie and FO Mclean for a job well done.

I was very impressed with Euan Mclean and his poise - he has good camera presence.

I would almost venture to say that Euan Mclean was as good as Captain Nick Stein in the Debonair programme - he was almost that good!

Thanks for the great ITVV Platinum programmes - the quality is great.

Dr. Niel Solomon This customer purchased the item at our site.

I have watched this programme over and over and will continue to do so.

I have an unquenchable fascination to view take-offs and landings through cockpit windshields.

Also, there is much to learn.

I love studying airline piloting and your programmes make that possible.

Discovering your programmes was a dream come true for me. Your filming clarity of instrumentation is superb. I follow EVERY detail.

Also, your audio is super clear.

I have a collection of your programmes.

They are world-class.

I am a private pilot with a passion for flying. I love in-the-cockpit presentations with good audio, good programme, and good technical

I cannot say enough in appreciation for ITVV production efforts.

My daughter should shortly be ordering for me the Boeing 767-300ER Leisure International Airways flight from London, Gatwick
to Orlando, USA with Captain David Henry. I have large super clear training posters of the entire 767 cockpit. Should be a grand
learning experience.

I am a flight simulator enthusiast and duplicate the ITVV flights on my computer.

I also follow the flights with real airport diagrams and approach and departure plates.

Ian This customer purchased the item at our site.

Not much to say other than brilliant.

Keep up the good work!!!!