B747-400 - VAA - PAL

Manufacturer: Boeing
Manufacturer Boeing

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Running Time 166 Minutes
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In this comprehensive look at the mighty Boeing 747-400 you join Captain Alan Carter, First Officer Allan Rattigan and First Officer John Cullom on board a scheduled Virgin Atlantic flight.

  • 166 minute
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • London Heathrow > San Francisco, USA
  • Platinum Collection
  • Filmed using a total of 7 cameras

Your journey begins at London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL), in the crew despatch office for pre-flight preparations.

Captain Alan Carter takes you through a detailed look at the preparations for the journey. This includes route information, weather, alternate airports, fuel and NOTAM information. You'll then proceed to our aircraft (G-VXLG) for the walk round followed by meeting the other flightdeck crew members. Then follow the departure brief, pushback, engine start and taxi. The departure is a Woburn Two Foxtrot using runway 27R.

During the takeoff on flight VS19, you will see multiple camera angles showing the externals of the departure, forward view of the runway and much more. Once established in the cruise Captain Alan Carter (Pilot Flying) gives you a guided tour of the B747-400 flightdeck. Systems explained include the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS), plus there's a detailed look at the engine start procedure and information on electrics, hydraulics, air conditioning and more.

First Officer Allan Rattigan also explains the takeoff performance calculations and how they are arrived at, guides you around the overhead panel and introduces you to the Flight Management Computer (FMC). First Officer John Cullom also shows you around the Mode Control Panel (MCP). You'll then follow the descent and approach brief for a Golden Gate Four arrival into San Francisco International Airport (KSFO) using runway 28L. During the flight you will not only see just how the aircraft is flown but will be able to follow Air Traffic Control, see the briefings and the checklists and procedures carried out in the cockpit on a scheduled airline flight.

About Captain Alan Carter
Captain Alan Carter was born in England in 1963. After completing his A levels, whilst also training for his PPL at school, Alan attended the Oxford Air Training School and completed his CPL/IR. Then when he was just 19 he was given a job by Dan Air Services as a co-pilot on the BAe 748 twin turboprop, based in Newcastle and later at London Gatwick.

Alan operated both scheduled and charter passenger flights as well as freight contracts around the United Kingdom and Europe. Three years later Alan transferred onto the Boeing 727 aircraft operating charter flights throughout the Mediterranean.

Alan remained on the Boeing 727 until November 1989, his last flight was into Berlin's Tegel airport the night the wall came down. He then left Dan Air and joined Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 747-100/200 fleet as a co-pilot. Alan was promoted to Captain in 1994 at the age of 30. In February 1996 he was transferred to the Boeing 747-400 fleet.

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Kerrie This customer purchased the item at our site.

Since receiving the Virgin Atlantic 747-400 DVD, I've watched it numerous times.

The sound and video quality is outstanding.

Listening to it in surround sound gives the feeling of actually sitting in the cockpit with Capt. Carter, FO Rattigan and Cullom!

Please release more of these types of DVDs!! I just ordered the 747-200 Classic and can't wait to view it!

Thank you for the excellent customer service ITVV!!

Jay Brown This customer purchased the item at our site.

What an excellent and concise DVD of the Virgin Atlantic 747-400 this is.

The presentation and logical sequence of events involved in the preparation and flight is second to none. I have spent countless hours and countless amounts of money on so called "professional" publications and media in my ATPL quest but together with Don Grange and the Cathay Pacific DVD and this, they make sense out of the wealth of information.

Indeed they have unknowingly both contributed to a more thorough understanding of my PS1 747-400 software!

Thomas This customer purchased the item at our site.

Bought this DVD two days ago and arrived today!

Just watched it, and it is an awesome DVD!

Those of us with PMDG 747-400 for FS2004 it explains many of the systems that are so well modelled in the sim.

Pierre Edward Yap This customer purchased the item at our site.

This is the first ITVV DVD I have purchased, and it far exceeded all of my expectations.

In fact, I have already gone ahead and ordered another!

From the start Captain Alan Carter makes you feel welcome and you really feel like he is enthusiastically teaching you about every important aspect of this magnificent aircraft.

I am an armchair pilot flying the PMDG 747-400, and it is a real thrill to see all of the real life counterparts detailed in the programme.

The crew's professionalism and incredible concentration at the critical phases of flight are awe-inspiring, and their thorough explanations of flight systems are fascinating.

I will surely be reviewing many of the chapters over and over again to further my knowledge and understanding.

Simply put, anyone remotely interested in commercial aviation will not be disappointed!

Patrick This customer purchased the item at our site.

Very, very nice DVD and the explanations from the Captain.