A320-200 Sim - PAL

Manufacturer: Airbus
Manufacturer Airbus

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Running Time 73 minutes
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While filming on scheduled airline services provides a wonderful way of watching flight operations, there are many things you will never see...

  • 73 minute DVD
  • SAS Flight Academy, Stockholm
  • Accomplish a Barrel Roll in the A320!
  • Captain Alan Dix invites you to take the right hand seat

This programme takes you to the SAS Flight Academy in Stockholm and covers essentials such as dealing with engine failures through to how to barrel roll an A320!

Led by one of our most popular presenters, Captain Alan Dix, your journey begins in the classroom for a refresher course on the layout of the A320, before looking at the workings of this $13 million six-axis simulator.

Once inside the sim you are invited to take the right hand seat for this detail. Alan will show and explain, in a clear and easy to understand way such things as Rejected Take Off (RTO), engine failure after V1 and the actions that are necessary to control this 62 tonne airliner. Alan also shows you how to accomplish a barrel roll in the A320! Or perhaps you need a refresher on how to do an autoland to runway 24 at Manchester?

This programme contains many more interesting facts and details on how pilots train in the simulator. It's perfect for those that want to take their airliner flying a little more seriously, either on home computers or with a view to taking up a career as a professional pilot or simply enjoy this entertaining programme.

5 Stars 
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5 Most Recent Customer Reviews

Daniel Mattsson This customer purchased the item at our site.

A very good programme if you want to see roughly what the pilots do in the simulator.

And finally, Alan "Serious about the tie" Dix is the man!

Liew Wei Yao This customer purchased the item at our site.

A must have for any AIRBUS fan.

In this programme, Alan Dix explains a lot of the procedures like a normal take off, rejected takeoff, engine failure on takeoff, etc.

All these are sure to excite the avid aviation fan out there.

I am a FS2004 maniac with the PSS A320/ A330 and A340. I try my best to follow the procedures that I see in the programme when I try to recreate the same scenario as I see in the programme sometimes in my own sim for fun!

As AIRBUS fly by wire are all having the same common cockpit concept, this programme covers even more ground than we would have thought!

Ben Cook This customer purchased the item at our site.

Both Alan's A320 programs are among my favourites.

He brings excitement and passion to the programs, which in turn makes the programs that extra bit enjoyable.

All the best Alan,

Best Wishes,

Ben Cook

Robert Clark This customer purchased the item at our site.

I've had this DVD for months now and never tire of watching it over and over.

I am a keen FS2002 pilot with the A320.

I love the presentation by Alan Dix

Barry Twitchett This customer purchased the item at our site.

Great programme!!

I have both of the A320 programmes and they r both well presented by Capt. Alan Dix!