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109 Minutes
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An amazing insight into the British Aerospace 146 ‘Whisper Jet’. Join the crew on the flight deck for a round trip from London Luton to Rome Ciampino.

  • 109 minute
  • DebonAir Airways
  • London Luton > Rome Ciampino > London Luton
  • Platinum Collection
  • Filmed using a total of 6 cameras

Learn about the systems and procedures required to fly the aircraft, then take in a spectacular view of the French Alps on your approach into Ciampino airport.

You join Nick and Kevin at London Luton for a round trip to Rome Ciampino airport in Italy. We depart from Luton runway 26, on a Compton SID for our journey with Nick as Pilot Flying.

Once in the cruise Nick takes time to give you a detailed tour of the flightdeck and gives you many details about the systems and operational requirements of the 146, including the MWS (Master Warning System) with a demonstration of how the system works. Nick also takes you through the flight control systems and engines. En-route we are treated to a spectacular view of the French Alps before then making an approach to Rome Ciampino using runway 15.

On the return leg Kevin is Pilot Flying as we take-off on runway 15. Once in the cruise again Nick takes you through more systems including the TMS (Thrust Management System) and Kevin takes you around his instrumentation. Nick also gives you a fascinating insight into becoming an airline pilot.

We then start our descent back to Luton for an approach to runway 26. Throughout the flight you’ll hear Air Traffic Control for our flights and follow the checklists and procedures as you discover the 146 in a unique television experience.

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Customer Reviews

Have bought many many cockpit DVDs and must say that ALL the platinum collection of ITVV is absolutely the best way to "fly" remaining at home.


Simply the best in-flight program I've ever watched.

The cameras used is astonishing.

Descriptions of the cockpit and radio comms are clear. Menus are complete and very well done. I have now ordered 4 DVDs of the "platinum collection" !!

I recommend all the ITVV programs to any aviation enthusiast !!

Giovanni Tessari

Hello! Best programme so far simply because of Nick.

Nick is the best pilot i have ever seen, I am also a pilot but I fly helicopters maybe ITVV can do a programme on a helicopter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Vaughan

I have just finished watching it and I really enjoyed it!


I can't really claim that the BAe 146 is one of my favourite aircraft, and for that reason I was very slow to realize that this presentation is excellent.

It didn't really occur to me until about the fifth time that I watched it that Nick Stein has a very special gift for doing this kind of show (in addition to his flying, of course.)

The programme and sound quality are great and Captain Stein (with able help from F/O Kevin Long) manages to convey a great deal of info on the 146 and how it is flown.

The programme is superb in all respects.

Dave Jones

I would be hard pressed to pick my favourite ITVV program but the 146 was very enjoyable.

We have some 146's in Australia and until I saw the programme I was not sure about them, but now have an appreciation for the aircraft.

I enjoyed the professional demeanour while at the same time allowing light-hearted moments ("speed") to not end up on the cutting room floor. Nice touch.

Fermin Fernandez

The Debonair programme is the BEST I have seen - great job

Take care and happy flying - Nigel


Best aviation programme I have EVER seen.

Nick Stein is the best moderator - very fluid.

Kevin Long is great too.

Highly recommend this programme - extremely well done - a benchmark for future programmes.


Ewan Nigelsimonsont

Hi all, I also think that Nick Stein is great.

I have had this programme for two years now and I think I have nearly worn it out!

I watch it every night. He's my hero as well.....What is Nick flying now?

I think it would be so strange him flying for anyone else as he is such a "Debonair" chap.

Thanks for all your quality programmes they are really great.



Nick Stein is my hero.

He is a great pilot and a great commentator - I very much enjoyed the Debonair programme.

The 146 looks like a complicated aeroplane in the cockpit with all of the buttons and knobs but Nick Stein was very smooth and did a GREAT job explaining everything.

He seems very experienced. I would feel safe with him as my Captain.

I have watched some other programmes belonging to a friend - the Airtours A330, the GO 737-300 and the A320.

John Mahon is very good too. But Nick Stein is by far the BEST I have ever seen and his FO (Kevin?) is very smooth as well.

Bring NICK STEIN BACK PLEASE IN A NEW PROGRAMME - I promise I'll buy all of your next programmes if you do!!!

Thanks for the quality programmes.


Have recently flown with Buzz on a 146 and the programme gave me an excellent insight as to how this aircraft is operated.

Great Stuff!!


Will Snuggs

Excellent programme!

The crew had put a lot of effort in making this film, explaining the systems and so on. And the camera angles were very nice.

Keep up the good work!

Samuli Kovanen

Hi everybody - I hope this is your first Belgian writer.

I have a boy crazy about commercial aviation. This is for me an incredible experience to see in live pilots and crew during a real flight.

Thank you and good luck to the ITVV team.

Pierre Renson

By far the best "flight in the cockpit" programme I have ever seen.

Very in-depth and extremely well described.

Nick Stein and Kevin Long should be congratulated for a very accurate representation of what it is like to fly the 146.

I have watched the programme many times and I thoroughly enjoy it each and every time.

Keep up the good work!

Brian Gustason

Thanks for an excellent product line!

I've purchased all of the programmes in the Platinum series and find them all to be excellent.

I especially like the Bae146... Nick Stein and Kevin Long both do an excellent job of explaining the aircraft systems. I've watched all these programmes countless times and never seem to grow tired of them.

I've really gained a new respect for the fellows who sit up front.

Thanks again for making these available to us aircraft enthusiasts.

Joe Wozniczka

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