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In this comprehensive look at the mighty Boeing 747-400 you join Captain Alan Carter, First Officer Allan Rattigan and First Officer John Cullom on board a scheduled Virgin Atlantic flight.

  • 166 minute
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • London Heathrow > San Francisco, USA
  • Platinum Collection
  • Filmed using a total of 7 cameras

Your journey begins at London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL), in the crew despatch office for pre-flight preparations.

Captain Alan Carter takes you through a detailed look at the preparations for the journey. This includes route information, weather, alternate airports, fuel and NOTAM information. You'll then proceed to our aircraft (G-VXLG) for the walk round followed by meeting the other flightdeck crew members. Then follow the departure brief, pushback, engine start and taxi. The departure is a Woburn Two Foxtrot using runway 27R.

During the takeoff on flight VS19, you will see multiple camera angles showing the externals of the departure, forward view of the runway and much more. Once established in the cruise Captain Alan Carter (Pilot Flying) gives you a guided tour of the B747-400 flightdeck. Systems explained include the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS), plus there's a detailed look at the engine start procedure and information on electrics, hydraulics, air conditioning and more.

First Officer Allan Rattigan also explains the takeoff performance calculations and how they are arrived at, guides you around the overhead panel and introduces you to the Flight Management Computer (FMC). First Officer John Cullom also shows you around the Mode Control Panel (MCP). You'll then follow the descent and approach brief for a Golden Gate Four arrival into San Francisco International Airport (KSFO) using runway 28L. During the flight you will not only see just how the aircraft is flown but will be able to follow Air Traffic Control, see the briefings and the checklists and procedures carried out in the cockpit on a scheduled airline flight.

About Captain Alan Carter
Captain Alan Carter was born in England in 1963. After completing his A levels, whilst also training for his PPL at school, Alan attended the Oxford Air Training School and completed his CPL/IR. Then when he was just 19 he was given a job by Dan Air Services as a co-pilot on the BAe 748 twin turboprop, based in Newcastle and later at London Gatwick.

Alan operated both scheduled and charter passenger flights as well as freight contracts around the United Kingdom and Europe. Three years later Alan transferred onto the Boeing 727 aircraft operating charter flights throughout the Mediterranean.

Alan remained on the Boeing 727 until November 1989, his last flight was into Berlin's Tegel airport the night the wall came down. He then left Dan Air and joined Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 747-100/200 fleet as a co-pilot. Alan was promoted to Captain in 1994 at the age of 30. In February 1996 he was transferred to the Boeing 747-400 fleet.

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  • A320-200 - DVD

    A320-200 - DVD

    Captain Alan Dix, Chief Pilot of Inter European Airways, invites you to join him and his crew on the flightdeck for an unparralled insight into how this modern airliner is operated and flown on a regular flight across Europe.

    • 86 minute DVD Inter European Airways
    • Birmingham > Zakinthos > Birmingham
    • Enter the world of Fly-By-Wire
    • Captain Alan Dix takes you through the systems and procedures

    The programme was filmed using 4 cameras to give you an unparalleled view of take-offs and landings, including external shots, during the round trip from the UK to Greece.

    In addition to seeing and hearing all key aspects of the flight and aircraft operation from the aircrew's perspective, this multi camera shoot programme you will see and hear the full briefing for the take-off from Birmingham, along with checklists, ATC clearance, procedures needed in the event of an emergency, together with descent and arrival into Zakinthos.

    Alan takes time during the flight to give you details of how the aircraft is operated and flown. Amongst the many systems discussed are: Fly-by-wire, ECAM (Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring), EFIS (Electronic Flight Instruments System), PFD (Primary Flight Display), how to program and understand the FMGS (Flight Management and Guidance System), Meteorology, Weather Maps, Navigation, Electrics, Hydraulics, Fuel Systems, aircraft performance and many more subjects.

    Whatever your interest in airliners and aviation, this is a truly educational programme for all to enjoy.

    About the Aircrew
    Captain Alan Dix was the Chief Pilot of Inter European Airways, flying the Boeing 757 and Airbus A320. He has the unusual distinction of holding the CAA type rating examiner status on four of the most modern glass cockpit civil airliners: Boeing 737-300, Boeing 757, Fokker 100 and Airbus A320. Alan learned to fly with the Royal Air Force, becoming a Q.F.I. He was previously an examiner on BAC 1-11s with Dan Air, and Fokker 100 fleet manager with Air Europe. Alan maintained an early interest in aerobatics and he was National Aerobatics Champion (Intermediate) in 1978 and even took a years sabbatical from the airlines to join the world famous Rothmans Aerobatic Team, flying in the number 3, left wing position.

    USD $ 22.99
  • B767-300ER - DVD

    B767-300ER - DVD

    Captain David Henry, director of flight operations for Leisure International Airways, invites you to join him and First Officer Norman Port on a memorable flight on-board this Boeing 767-300ER aircraft.

    • 80 minute DVD Leisure International Airways
    • London Gatwick > Orlando, Florida, USA
    • 4 different cameras
    • Captain David Henry takes you over The Atlantic

    The journey begins at London Gatwick airport and takes us to Orlando in the United States of America. En-route David and Norman will show you the systems and operating procedures on this Extended Range airliner.

    During the Atlantic crossing you will learn in detail about the North Atlantic Track and we also discuss, in depth, the topic of ETOPS (Extended Twin Range Operations) and the implications of flying a twin engine aircraft over the Atlantic.

    In addition to seeing and hearing all key aspects of the flight and aircraft operation from the aircrew's perspective, this multi camera shoot programme you will see and hear the full briefing for the take-off from London Gatwick, along with details of the procedures needed in the event of an emergency, together with descent and arrival into Orlando International Airport are also discussed in detail.

    A relatively new system on the aircraft, TCAS (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System) is shown and explained. This system can detect and monitor other civil aircraft in its flight path and is now mandatory in the USA.

    This programme was filmed using 4 cameras to give you an unparalleled view of both take-off and landing. We also show you the aircraft being loaded with cargo and baggage along with the fuel required for this transatlantic flight.

    Whatever your interest in airliners and aviation, this is a truly educational programme for all to enjoy.

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  • A320-200 Sim - DVD

    A320-200 Sim - DVD

    While filming on scheduled airline services provides a wonderful way of watching flight operations, there are many things you will never see...

    • 73 minute DVD
    • SAS Flight Academy, Stockholm
    • Accomplish a Barrel Roll in the A320!
    • Captain Alan Dix invites you to take the right hand seat

    This programme takes you to the SAS Flight Academy in Stockholm and covers essentials such as dealing with engine failures through to how to barrel roll an A320!

    Led by one of our most popular presenters, Captain Alan Dix, your journey begins in the classroom for a refresher course on the layout of the A320, before looking at the workings of this $13 million six-axis simulator.

    Once inside the sim you are invited to take the right hand seat for this detail. Alan will show and explain, in a clear and easy to understand way such things as Rejected Take Off (RTO), engine failure after V1 and the actions that are necessary to control this 62 tonne airliner. Alan also shows you how to accomplish a barrel roll in the A320! Or perhaps you need a refresher on how to do an autoland to runway 24 at Manchester?

    This programme contains many more interesting facts and details on how pilots train in the simulator. It's perfect for those that want to take their airliner flying a little more seriously, either on home computers or with a view to taking up a career as a professional pilot or simply enjoy this entertaining programme.

    USD $ 22.99
  • B747-200 Classic - DVD

    B747-200 Classic - DVD

    In this documentary-style programme we join Captain Guy Stephenson, Virgin Atlantic's B747-200 fleet manager, Chief Flight Engineer Alan Bonnick and First Officer Adrian Thurley on flight number VS005/6 from London Gatwick to Miami, Florida and the return journey to Gatwick. En-route Guy, Alan and Adrian will guide you around the various systems that make this a truly "Classic" Jumbo aircraft.

    • 112 minute DVD
    • Virgin Atlantic Airways
    • London Gatwick > Miami, Florida, USA
    • Detailed tour and explanation of the Flight Engineers Systems Panel

    In addition to seeing and hearing all key aspects of the flight and aircraft operation from the aircrew's perspective, this multi camera shoot programme will introduce you to such systems as the INS (Inertial Navigation System), Selcal which is a selective calling system and is part of the aircraft communications system and many others.

    Alan will give you a detailed tour and explanation of the Flight Engineers systems panel, encompassing the engine secondary instrumentation, electrics, fuel, hydraulic and air conditioning panels. Then join Adrian who will provide you with an insight into the many systems which go to make up the overhead panel. Guy will take you through topics such as TCAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System), NATS (North Atlantic Track System) and a flight progress Chart.

    This programme is suitable for anyone who is interested in how these aircraft fly. A truly educational programme for all to enjoy on one of the world's best loved airliners.

    About the Aircrew
    Captain Guy Stephenson is the fleet manager for Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747-200 aircraft. Guy was an Undergraduate at the Loughborough College of Technology, where he obtained a Diploma (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry.

    In 1958 he became a pilot officer in the Royal Air Force and obtained his wings in January 1960. Several years later he became a Squadron Pilot of 213 Squadron in the Allied Tactical Airforce in Germany. Developing his flying career in 1966, he became a Pilot for the British Overseas Airways Corporation, piloting the Boeing 707 fleet.

    In 1975 Guy obtained his Command on the B707 and is also an Authorised Examiner for the CAA. He later became a Base Training Captain on the B747-400. In his spare time he is to be found sailing, playing tennis, squash and skiing.

    USD $ 22.99
  • B777-200 - DVD

    B777-200 - DVD

    Take your flight deck seat on a Cathay Pacific Airways flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Singapore and see how this 21st century airliner is operated and flown. PLUS, experience a ride in the Cathay Pacific full motion simulator to learn more about the flight systems and emergency operations!

    • 109 minute DVD
    • Cathay Pacific Airways
    • Auckland – Singapore
    • Detailed tour and explanation of the B777 Flightdeck

    In this programme you will join Captain Graeme Thomson, Cathay Pacific Airways fleet manager B777, for an insight into this 21st century airliner.

    To start with, you’ll join Graeme in the cockpit about 1 hour out of Auckland, New Zealand where you will witness a rare display: an approach in the landing configuration, followed by a Go-Around, a high speed low level (approx. 500 feet) fly past followed by a landing. We then take off from Auckland, destination: Singapore.

    As the aircraft cruises to its destination we’ll take you behind the scenes and into the B777 simulator in Hong Kong. This gives Graeme the opportunity to give you a guided tour of the all new LCD equipped flight deck where you’ll learn about Fly-by-Wire (FBW), Electronic Check List, Cursor Control Device (CCD) and Multi Functional Display (MFD). We also show you Thrust Asymmetry Compensation (TAC) including a failure of an engine on take-off and how TAC helps the pilot.

    Finally we’ll then rejoin the B777 for the landing at Singapore. This is a ‘must-see’ for anyone interested in this 21st century jet.

    USD $ 22.99
  • Concorde - Two DVDs

    Concorde - Two DVDs

    Join the flightdeck and crew on a scheduled British Airways Concorde round trip from London Heathrow to New York's JFK airport. A unique and fascinating documentary made using 9 cameras on the world's fastest ever airliner.

    • 300 minute Twin DVD Pack
    • British Airways
    • London Heathrow > New York JFK > London Heathrow
    • Filmed using a total of 9 cameras

    This prestigious documentary programme on the world's fastest civil airliner, Concorde is presented by Captain David Rowland and Senior Flight Engineer Roger Bricknell who take you on a full guided tour of this incredible aircraft.

    David and Roger start by introducing you to Concorde outside the main BA hangar at London Heathrow Airport. You will "meet" G-BOAF for a very detailed, close up and personal induction. You are taken around the outside of the aircraft to show you the many unique features that Concorde possesses. Roger gives you a detailed 'Walk Around' explaining what he is looking for during his inspection. David explains the nose and visor system which you see working.

    You then fly a round trip from London Heathrow to New York's JFK airport. Both our supersonic flights take place on board G-BOAD. Alpha Delta was the airframe that achieved the fastest Atlantic crossing by any Concorde and occurred on February 7, 1996 taking only 2 hours, 52 minutes, and 59 seconds!

    During your two flights David and Roger guide you through the systems that enable this aircraft to fly at twice the speed of sound.

    You are shown in detail the procedures required to achieve and cruise at 1350mph.

    Join the crew for the flight briefing at JFK for our return trip to the UK and find out about the special takeoff procedure that is required from JFK's 31L runway.

    Other topics covered include Checklist procedures; see where the aircraft expands in flight, fuel transfer and the effects of centre of gravity changes and many more details.

    This programme was filmed using a total of 9 cameras to give you the best views of all phases of flight.

    Crystal clear audio utilises the aircraft's audio system so you can hear both the crew and ATC!

    This is without doubt the most detailed look at Concorde that has ever been produced and is going to be only way you will see how this magnificent aircraft was flown.

    About Captain David Rowland
    Captain David Rowland is married with two sons and lives in North Oxfordshire. After basic training he joined BA (BOAC) in 1969 and became a Co-Pilot/Navigator on VC10s. In 1976 he joined the Concorde fleet. In 1993 he became Commercial Manager Concorde, responsible to Regional General Manager, Americas for the Concorde business in British Airways, and later combined the operational and commercial management role as General Manager Concorde.

    In total David has over 10,000 flying hours, most of which are supersonic. In 1995 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and is a Member of the Royal Institute of Navigation. He is a long term member of the Duxford Aviation Society, and in his spare time, enjoys going to the theatre, walking, reading, listening to music, playing golf and tennis (neither very well!).

    Over 1.5 Million Supersonic Passengers
    Concorde was the only supersonic passenger airliner in the world and British Airways was one of only two airlines operating this flagship of the worlds civil aviation fleet. A Over 1.5 million passengers have flown supersonically on board British Airways seven strong Concorde fleet since they entered commercial service on January 21st 1976. Cruising at 1,350mph, twice the speed of sound, a typical transatlantic crossing took less than three and a half hours.

    Concorde flew above all the weather and her passenger cabin was pressurised to a more comfortable level than on subsonic aircraft, reducing flight fatigue still further. Since entering service, British Airways Concordes have operated some 40,000 flights. Concorde's fastest yet transatlantic crossing was on February 7th 1996, when she completed the New York to London flight in 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds, over 40 minutes faster than schedule.

    The small number of dedicated flight crews that flew this superb aircraft were drawn from the best and most experienced that British Airways had to offer and have more supersonic flight time than any of the pilots of the world's Air Forces!

    USD $ 22.99
  • B737-300 - DVD

    B737-300 - DVD

    Follow this first revenue flight of the Boeing 737-300 G-IGOM having only been delivered to Go two days earlier presented by Captain John Mahon and First Officer Joe Wholihan.

    • 90 minute
    • Go Airways
    • London Stansted – Lisbon – London Stansted
    • Platinum Collection
    • Filmed using a total of 7 cameras

    You will join John and Joe at London Stansted airport (EGSS) for a round trip to Lisbon in Portugal, on this brand new aircraft. Departure is from Stansted's Runway 23, callsign Go Flight 301, for our journey with John as Pilot Flying.

    Once in the cruise, John takes time to give you an extensive tour of the flightdeck and reveals many details about the systems on board the 737. Some of the systems covered include: EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) which incorporate the EADI (Electronic Attitude Director Indicator), EHSI (Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator. John also explains the RDMI (Radio Direction Magnetic Indicator) and takes a detailed look at the engine instruments. We then make the approach to Lisbon using runway 03.

    Once on the ground, join John for his pre-flight walk-round as the crew prepare for the return sector.

    On our return journey, Joe is Pilot flying as we take-off on runway 03. Once established in the cruise, John again takes you through some instruments including the FMC (Flight Management Computer) and a very detailed look at the system pages of the FMC which includes: Progress, Climb, Cruise, Descent, Legs, Approach, Reference, Route, Direct Intercept, Departures/Arrivals and the Hold Pages.

    We then move on to look at the Auto Thrust System which includes a demonstration about how the system maintains thrust settings on each engine. After showing the Trim wheels and a guided tour of the MCP (Mode Control Panel), which houses systems such as the Flight Director and Autopilot, we then start our descent back to Stansted for an approach to runway 23. Hear the Air Traffic Control for our flights and follow the checklists as you discover the features of the B737-300 from the privileged position of the flightdeck.

    Digital Stereo Audio - Experience stereo audio of the highest quality. All the audio for the Platinum Collection programmes is recorded using the latest digital audio recorders to bring you crystal clear audio enjoyment.

    Digital Video - The Platinum Collection range of programmes are all shot on digital video tape to ensure the highest quality pictures available. ITVV have always been at the forefront of modern technology to bring you the very best in quality aviation viewing.

    Digital Editing - The Platinum Collection are all edited "in-house" using ITVV's own digital edit facilities, like-minded aviation enthusiasts and professionals which brings the added advantage of been able to take time to ensure you get to see what is of real interest and on DVD jump right to the part you want instantly!

    Multi-Camera Shoot - Every programme in this range has been recorded using a minimum of six, full broadcast, digital cameras to ensure the very best in viewing. By utilising so many cameras we are able to bring you the variety of shoots that you would expect from an ITVV programme - the next best thing to being there!

    Air Traffic Control - Listen into the air traffic control at the most important phases of our flights - again using digital audio you can hear the actual audio that the pilots themselves hear.

    Join the flightdeck crew - By bringing you this wide variety of pictures along with stereo audio you will feel as though you are actually a part of the flightdeck crew! Witness the tension as the aircraft is rolling down the runway or on the approach into land.

    About Captain John Mahon
    Captain John Mahon started his flying career in Aer Lingus in 1979 as a cadet pilot. On graduation from Oxford Air Training School he commenced flying on the Boeing 737-200. In 1987 he joined Inter European Airways in Cardiff as Flight Technical Manager and was involved in introducing the 737-300 and 757 into the fleet.

    With IEA's take-over by Airtours he became the A320 Technical Captain and was then invited to help set up British Mediterranean Airways in London Heathrow. He joined Go in April 1998 and operated their first commercial flight to Rome Ciampino on May 22nd of that year.

    He has over 10,000 hours flying experience and has flown Worldwide on various secondments, including two years on the Boeing 767 with Alitalia

    USD $ 22.99
  • MD-11 - DVD

    MD-11 - DVD

    Featuring the Boeing MD-11, presented by Captain Ruud Bakker and First Officer Robert Lenz.

    • 183 minute
    • Martinair Airways
    • Amsterdam > Palma de Mallorca > Amsterdam
    • Platinum Collection
    • Filmed using a total of 7 cameras

    You will join Ruud and Robert in the Flight Operations briefing room at the Martinair building at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

    There you'll be first given a full briefing about the flight, the route, weather and fuel. We then go out to the aircraft (PH-MCS) for the start of our journey from Amsterdam (EHAM) to Palma de Mallorca (LEPA). Departure is from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport using runway 19L on a Lekko SID, call sign Martinair 341.

    Ruud explains in great detail the whole departure as he is actually flying it. Once settled in the cruise at 37,000 feet, Ruud introduces you to the FCP (Flight Control Panel), FMA (Flight Mode Annunciator), FMC (Flight Management Computer), FMS (Flight Management System), Climb Thrust and Pitch, Pilot Selection Mode verses FMS Mode, Nav Mode, PFD (Primary Flight Display), PLI (Pitch Limit Indicator), and FPA (Flight Path Angle).

    We then follow Ruud and Robert in the descent and make an approach to Palma de Mallorca using runway 24L. Hear the Air Traffic Control for the flights and follow the checklists as you discover this state of the art aircraft from a very privileged perspective from the flightdeck!

    About Captain Ruud Bakker
    Captain Ruud Bakker, Martinair's Senior Chief Pilot, was born on August 24, 1954 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Ruud started his flight training in September 1973 at the Government Aviation School (RLS, Rijksluchtvaart school) in Eelde, The Netherlands, where he flew the C-150, Saab-Safir and C-500. He finished school in May 1976 with a CPL, theoretical ATPL and a C-500 rating. From May 1976 Ruud flew sightseeing trips in a C-172. In September that year he left for Kenya and briefly flew part time for "Sight by Wings", an organisation that transports eye-doctors to places in Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and the Comores Islands.

    In March 1977 Ruud returned to The Netherlands to take up an invitation by Martinair's Director of Flight Operations to start a job as crew-scheduler, with the option of getting a job as a pilot as soon as a vacancy became available. During September 1977 Ruud started as a co-pilot on the DC-9-30 and in February 1979 a co-pilot on the DC-10-30 and progressed in May 1986 to his first captaincy on the A310-200.

    From 1987 he became a TRI (instructor), and in 1988 a chief-instructor, from 1990 till the end of 1993 he also became chief pilot. In 1994 Ruud helped prepare Martinair for the introduction of the MD-11, along with his MD-11 training with Swissair which lead him on to a position as chief instructor on the MD-11 Fleet.

    In January 1997 he was made chief-pilot MD-11 Fleet and in September 1999 he became Martinair's Senior Chief Pilot. Ruud is married and has two children.

    USD $ 22.99
  • A330-200 - DVD

    A330-200 - DVD

    See just what it is like to ‘fly by wire’ one of the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft, as it makes its transcontinental flight from Manchester in the UK to Orlando’s Sanford International airport in the USA.

    • 139 minute
    • Airtours International Airways
    • Manchester, UK > Sanford, Orlando, USA
    • Platinum Collection
    • Filmed using a total of 7 cameras

    Your exclusive behind-the-scenes journey starts at Manchester’s International Airport as the aircraft awaits departure on stand 27. Taking off from runway 24R and with the call sign Kestrel 029, you’ll climb outbound for the Atlantic – seeing and hearing everything that happens from check-lists, crew briefings and communication with Air Traffic Control until your arrival and shut-down.

    The experienced aircrew will give you a guided tour of the Airbus’ flight deck as you establish in the cruise at 35,000 feet.  Amongst the many systems explained are the electronic management and glass cockpit systems such as EFIS, FMGS, MCDU and the overhead panel. The Captain will also explain some of the differences between the A330-200 and the Airbus A320.

    Naturally there’s more than the ‘office’ to look at and you’ll see views of departure, in flight and approach and landing with multiple camera angles both from the cockpit and outside.

    Whether you’re a budding airline pilot or back seat passenger curious to know what goes on during the flight, this is an amazing and unique airliner experience that is not to be missed!

    USD $ 22.99

Customer Reviews

Since receiving the Virgin Atlantic 747-400 DVD, I've watched it numerous times.

The sound and video quality is outstanding.

Listening to it in surround sound gives the feeling of actually sitting in the cockpit with Capt. Carter, FO Rattigan and Cullom!

Please release more of these types of DVDs!! I just ordered the 747-200 Classic and can't wait to view it!

Thank you for the excellent customer service ITVV!!


What an excellent and concise DVD of the Virgin Atlantic 747-400 this is.

The presentation and logical sequence of events involved in the preparation and flight is second to none. I have spent countless hours and countless amounts of money on so called "professional" publications and media in my ATPL quest but together with Don Grange and the Cathay Pacific DVD and this, they make sense out of the wealth of information.

Indeed they have unknowingly both contributed to a more thorough understanding of my PS1 747-400 software!

Jay Brown

Bought this DVD two days ago and arrived today!

Just watched it, and it is an awesome DVD!

Those of us with PMDG 747-400 for FS2004 it explains many of the systems that are so well modelled in the sim.


This is the first ITVV DVD I have purchased, and it far exceeded all of my expectations.

In fact, I have already gone ahead and ordered another!

From the start Captain Alan Carter makes you feel welcome and you really feel like he is enthusiastically teaching you about every important aspect of this magnificent aircraft.

I am an armchair pilot flying the PMDG 747-400, and it is a real thrill to see all of the real life counterparts detailed in the programme.

The crew's professionalism and incredible concentration at the critical phases of flight are awe-inspiring, and their thorough explanations of flight systems are fascinating.

I will surely be reviewing many of the chapters over and over again to further my knowledge and understanding.

Simply put, anyone remotely interested in commercial aviation will not be disappointed!

Pierre Edward Yap

Very, very nice DVD and the explanations from the Captain.



Simply brilliant!!!

Very detailed and a joy to watch.

Justin Turner

As a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol here in the US, I am very interested in your programmes.

I bought this 744 programme from Flight1 and I was so excited to see it I ordered 2nd day air from UPS!

Now on with the part about the programme. I LOVED IT!

The crew is very professional, and explain the aircraft very well.

The airline is a very nice one, and so is the aircraft.

I fly PMDG (precision manuals design group) 744, and it is very close to the real thing, and this programme makes it even better!


Tyler Lewis

Captain Alan Carter has a jaw dropping achievement at becoming a pilot at 19 yrs of age. Such a talented figure.

No doubt about it - its a fantastic programme.

Thank you.


747-400 Virgin Atlantic airways is a very good program.



Recently I bought Virgin Atlantic 747-400 DVD and the A320 Simulator DVD, which is on its way.

I can't describe how well your cockpit programmes are made, there is simply nothing close to you.

Abdhulla Neevin

Great DVD, Good explanation of the cockpit.

It's an inspiration for me because I like to fly the PDGM747 with FS2004.

Alex Aartsen

Hello, I watched the DVD and I can recall flying with Alan Carter on the Boeing 727 with Dan Air he was my First Officer at the time.

I am now flying the Boeing 777 with Singapore Airlines, anyway I am pleased that Alan is getting on in the businesses.

Kind Regards

Richard Pike

Richard Pike

Hi, I am a Captain on the Boeing 747-400 and i would just like to say what an brilliant programme, it went though just about every detail of the aeroplane, very impressed!

Captain Andy McHill

Hi! It's a great DVD!

This is my 2nd; the first was the Concorde. Thats fantastic too!

Keep up the good work.


Extremely satisfied with this wonderful detailed DVD.

Everything was detailed. Even the brief overview of the FMC.

Thanks ITVV.

It was my first order and not my last. (Oh and super fast delivery)

Geoff Dodds

I have just ordered the Virgin Atlantic 747/400 DVD.

This is my 2nd ITVV programme, I've got the Cathay Pacific 747/400 and I loved it.

I can't wait to get the next one.

Keep up the good work!

Daniel Buzalski

Another great DVD.

Delivery superb, 3 days.

Keep up the good work.

Gareth Williams


What a fantastic DVD.

Worth every penny.


The best in-flight programme I have ever seen.

Outstanding lighting and sound puts the viewer right there and the information about the 747-400 from three likable pilots from Virgin Atlantic was presented in a clear and sophisticated manner.

This programme sets the standard for cockpit programmes.

Jason Lohr

Hi once again.

Having received the DVD of this title today (Again speedy service from ITVV). I can safely say that ITVV's very high standards continue.

The amount of detail and quality of the picture is top notch.

This is now the 6th DVD in my collection from ITVV, and I will be adding to it again in the future!

Keep up the great work!

All the best.

Kevin Rowe

I must say, I have watched this programme and others attempting to compare in quality. Nothing even comes close!

The explanation of the cockpit gauges and switches on the Boeing 747 - 400 are phenomenal.

Captain Alan Carter, Allan Rattigan, and John Cullom do a spectacular job!

Awesome product ITVV.

Keep up the excellent work!

Best wishes!

Patrick Guadagnino Easton

Excellent programme.

Very detailed enjoyed watching it.

Nice picture quality as well.

Adams Tulip

I've had this Virgin 747-400 programme for over a year now and still get a thrill every time I watch it.

I've seen many flight programmes, however this is by far the most enthusiastic towards anyone who is interested in becoming a pilot.

Capt Alan Carter and his colleagues really give us a detailed look into the controls and functions of this special aircraft.

Sound quality and visual quality, top notch.

I look forward to seeing other Flight deck programmes.

Captain Alan Carter is really my inspiration for becoming an airline pilot when i leave school.

PS. What an achievement for Captain Alan Carter to become an airline pilot at 19 years of age. He must have really worked hard at school!

Sam Osmond

Great Programme!

The Quality of the sound is second to none.

It also gives you a great insight into how extremely busy the single Tower frequency at SFO actually is; Our first officer Allen needs 3 attempts to even get a word in to request landing clearance!

With a B757 landing on the parallel runway in unison with us and crossing traffic departing ahead, anyone considering buying this...better

10 out of 10!

Ed Wright

This was the first time I have ordered one of your flight deck programmes having seen your ad in the magazine 'Aircraft Illustrated'.

I was dubious at first as to what I would get for my money but was pleasantly surprised with the high quality and detailed information presented in this flight from EGLL to KSFO.

I was also most impressed with the fast delivery three days!. That's impressive considering we are half way around the world from the UK.

I look forward to further high quality series from ITVV.

Stephen Nightingale

This was the first aviation programme I bought and greatly impressive it is too.

It's brilliantly organized with lots of informative info coupled with good picture and sound.

Good work guys.

Brian Chisnall

The 747-400 Virgin Flight from London to San Francisco is superb, not only in its detailed explanation, but also in picture quality and sound.

The 747 is my favourite airplane and this had been the very first DVD I had bought.

But I just bought a programme of a UA777 from London to Chicago from another company, and I must say I was very disappointed. The sound was bad, you couldn't hear air traffic control, explanations were limited at best, etc..

When I bought the DVD, I was expecting the same hi quality standards set by ITVV.

I will only buy ITVV again!

Sunny Thomas

This one is the best I have ever seen. Especially because of how accurate it is. And it step by step by step.

Svarrn Arason

Virgin Atlantic B747-400 Heathrow to SFO is amazing.

Captain Alan Carter, F/O Alan Rattigan and F/O John Cullom explain the instrumentation in a relaxed, understandable yet detailed manner.

The sound quality and interior and exterior views of the aircraft are superb and cockpit views of the scenery below are great.

From briefing to walk around to take-off & taxi to stand is superb and highlighted flight check list add to the enjoyment.

Excellent ITVV - a new discovery with every watch, a compelling programme giving the feeling of actually being there.

Richard Coombs


I've got the movie and I have already watch it 8 times and it's fantastic to see all the settings & flying this big baby.

Thanks for this great movie.

Paolo Alleaume

I absolutely love this programme, it's my third from ITVV and i can't stop watching it!

I like the way the checklists and charts come on the screen.

Cpt. Yates

This is an excellent programme, with a lot of detail about the 747 and how the instruments work.

Rhys Wallace

Dear ITVV,

I have both the Virgin 747 & Cathay Pacific 747 programme's and both are just the very, very best.

I have simply lost count of how many times I have watched both of them.

Congratulations to the makers of these programme's and particularly to Capt's Carter & Grange.

They are just a joy to watch!

Sam Carey

I was extremely pleased to find my programme in the post just 2 days after ordering it.

It answered a lot of questions, and showed what was needed to operate such a beautiful aircraft.

The lucky pilots were extremely good and explained the systems very well (now I know what all those buttons do!).

Especially enjoyed the approach and landing, plus looking at the charts beforehand.

I am getting another programme for my 16th birthday- can't wait.


PS. Love the music

Another Pilot Wannabee

The best!

I always wondered what all those buttons did.

Capt Alan Carter rocks!

Bob Smith

This programme is by far the best that ITVV has done. 6 cameras in the cockpit give you views of all that is happening and the explanations of the systems is very clear.

By the way the weather is also good so the visual is excellent especially over Greenland and on the decent in to San Fran.


It rules.

Sean Lynch

Wow I'm only 15 and this programme is something special.

ITVV has done a great job of explaining the 747-400 and it is very thorough.

Sound quality is excellent.

The checklists on the screen are very pleasing along with the departure and landing charts.

This is a must for all serious aviation enthusiasts.


The DVD is great!!!

2hours 46minutes long what more could you ask for?

It was enjoyable and every time you watch it you learn something new.

Thanks a lot ITVV.




I'm impatient to get the A330 one.

Best regards.

Joseph Senghor

I have watched the DVD with great interest and enjoyment.

It is very informative and entertaining.

I have long wanted to see a Program like that and have wasted more than $100 on worthless poor quality programs from other companies.

Comparing with your DVD, theirs are completely amateur level programs.

I hope you can do a better marketing job in the US so the poor quality products would not rip off consumers like me.

I like the following features in your DVD:
Multiple cameras, low background noise, clear ATC communications, clear procedure executions, nice explanations etc.

Thanks for producing such a series of perfect DVDs that are exactly what I need.

David Zhang

Absolutely FANTASTIC.

So good, that I have watched it about 5 or 6 time now.

I think I will get the Airtours A330 next =)

Kevin Cadd

The Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 DVD is by far the most fantastic aviation production I have seen yet!!!!

As a 747 enthusiast, and a flight simmer, this DVD is the ultimate and makes me feel like I am on the flight deck with Capt. Carter.

His meticulous explanation of every detail that goes into a typical flight is unparalleled.

Even if you're not an aviation enthusiast or a pilot wannabe, you will enjoy this DVD.

As a program editor myself, I was blown away by the production quality and content of ITVV and have added several of their titles to my collection.

But this programme in particular is the best.... I watch it over and over and over and learn something new every time. I

I'm off to watch it again....

Ron McLellan

This DVD is a complement to the Cathay Pacific 747-400 programme.

The 747-400 is such an amazing aircraft that it cannot be completely covered in one programme.

This programme covers additional information about flight planning with such a large aircraft, and has additional information about the many systems on the aircraft that are not covered in the Cathay Pacific programme.

Together, the two programmes provide a comprehensive coverage of operating a 747-400.

Neither should be missed.

Rod Pommier, M.D.

Hi all,

I would just like to say that I have enjoyed all your programs and especially the virgin 747-400 flight to San Francisco.

The whole package was excellent and I have watched it (to my wife's annoyance) many times.

Well done to all concerned.

Andy Hefferon

I've recently purchased this program and I can say to this date that this programme is the best flight programme that I've ever seen.

Congratulations to the team of ITVV.

Rafa Vitr

Your Programs Sir is quite simply the most informative, entertaining and enjoyable piece of footage I have seen to date.

Truly unparalleled in every aspect.....

Congratulations too, to your sales division, who shipped this programme half way around the world within 5 working days of my internet order.

Kind Regards

Dave Hollingsworth

Dave Hollingsworth

This is a great DVD!

I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see an in-depth explanation of the pre-flight and in-flight procedures, as well as a walk-through of the aircraft systems.

The programme has the detailed "behind-the-scenes" information that I had been unable to find on non-ITVV programmes, as well as excellent camera work, which exceeds all expectations for the subject matter, and it's over 2-and-a-quarter hours long!

I'm completely satisfied with my purchase.


I am a flight simulation addict (MS Flight Simulation 2000 Pro)!

My aircraft of choice is the Quantas 747-400 by Phoenix Simulation Software.

I ordered your Platinum Edition Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747-400 as soon as you made the announcement of its release. As usual, ITVV is quantum leaps above all others.

Phoenix Simulation provides, along with their software, an excellent manual (including pictures, charts and graphs) very interesting reading and study material. However, when I popped the VA Airways programme in ye ole machine, everything came full circle.

This programme is not only very informative, but also entertaining.

The people orientated personality of all three pilots is projected very clearly. I hope they have access to the comments made by all their viewers.


The technology very innovative, unequalled! The cinematography is crisp and clear...I do not recall any out-of-focus scenes. The colour puts you right on the fight deck. Your programme equipment is top notch.

The flight deck is a very hostile environment to shoot programme close quarters, unreliable lighting conditions (from low light and shadows to glaring sunlight outside plus glare and reflections on the LCD's). It seems that if there was any of these problems, your editors left them on the cutting room floor.

I have come to expect these high standards from ITVV.




Compton, SoCal, USA

Jan Lee

This is my first aviation Programme. I enjoyed every bit of it.

The controls were explained very well and clear.

Keep up the good work ITVV!

I recommend this one for everybody.

Definitely not one to be missed.

There's very good picture and sound, well done for producing an excellent programme!

Ashley Bolwell

Enjoyed the Virgin Atlantic programme very much.

The Captain was great at introducing and explaining the different systems. Plus the first officers were great at explaining the systems.

Christopher McMillan

I recently received the virgin Atlantic 747.

I have all your programmes and must say your work is outstanding.

I have purchased programmes from the competition and they are below the standards you have set.

Keep up the great work

Mario Ferretti

I have just ordered your Virgin Atlantic 747-400 Programme and as I am flying the VS019 service to San Francisco on the 15th February, I am looking forward to watching it before I go!!

Ryan Gillett

Brilliant - ITVV have done it again with this programme.

The detail is excellent; everything is plain and easy to understand.

Nadim Janjua


I just received the programme today and I must say it is superb.

The explanation by the captain is excellent and he shows great knowledge on that aircraft.

I recommend it to anyone who loves the 747-400.

Arthur Lan

Another great programme, kept me entertained and everything was well explained by the crew, programme was superb along with the stereo sound.

Well done

Stephen Menzies

Just got the B747-400 for Christmas and just finished watching it.

Fantastic is all I can say.

I really enjoyed the whole programme from start to finish.

I thought that the flightdeck crew explained everything so well.

I also enjoyed the take-off and landing with the multi picture screen.

Also the music was great. Is there anywhere I can buy the sound track?

Once again ITVV have produced a first rate, informative and entertaining programme.


Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Enjoyed the programme.

Agree that the Captain and crew make the flight interesting.

This is my first ITVV purchase - look forward to buying more

Kenny Williamson

Just wanted to tell you that the new Virgin B747-400 is fantastic - brilliant!!

Once again you have produced another quality programme.

The pictures and sound are outstanding.

Captain Alan Carter, First officer Allan Rattigan and John Cullom do a great job in explaining the workings of the B744.

Alan makes you feel at ease straight away with his in-depth pre-flight talk.

Good to see both the FO's joining in the programme as well.

I liked the colour of the briefing room walks!

Thanks also to all the ITVV "backroom" team who have put in a lot of hard work, also the brilliant customer service people (Lisa I think dealt with my order).

Fantastic service.

Keep up the great work.



Martin Ash

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