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ITVV Civil Aviation Flightdeck DVDs You will take a privileged position as our multiple camera set-up and digital audio sound will transport you almost literally into the flight crew's seats as the pilots explain how the systems work, checklists are followed and the aircraft flown. You even get to hear relevant ATC too!

This exciting range of programmes lets you take a seat on the flight deck of iconic aircraft such as the British Airways Concorde, the mighty Boeing 747-400 'Jumbo Jet' and many more workhorses of the skies.






FIFA World Cup!


It would appear that not all our customers are into football!

We have had an incredibly busy week shipping DVD's all over the World. It has been so busy it's just like the last push in December!

It really has been a crazy week but we are not complaining!

If you are a football fan we hope you enjoy the games and get the outcome you want!

With kind regards and best wishes from all at ITVV

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